Welcome to the home of our Autistic Creation.

 We will start our adventure in Landon’s attic and get a grand tour of what it’s like living and loving a child with Autism.

Hi, from the mountains of North Carolina.  My name is Marilyn and me and my husband, Les  have raised two children. Our oldest, Caitlin, who is married and our youngest Landon, who was diagnosed with Autism.

The reasons why I decided to create this web page was because I have had people tell me that I should write a book. Well, here it is except it is online and free to read. The book I always wanted to write about was a self-help book. A book that had all of the problems that parents face and have them answered.

The Autism Blog is the home of Landon where the beginning of his birth represents his attic (brain) and tours around an overwhelming mansion. In this mansion there will be open and shut doors, some “secret doors”, and many rooms to explore and some yet to be discovered. Some rooms will be fun, some will be sad, while others will be scary. We will take this tour one door, one room and one day at a time.

Finding out that the one you love has Autism is a journey. You had all these hopes, dreams and ideas of what life will be like for your little one and they are gone. You will also feel like your whole life is shattered and falling apart.  We are going to pick up these shattered pieces brick by brick and put them back together. We will work on fixing the shattered doors and rooms to build a brand new mansion that you will love and enjoy. Owning a home takes a lot of work. There will be days you will doubt if all the effort you put into it was even worth it, but believe me it is worth it! Hang in there!

What has enabled me and my family to get through this every day? Faith, hope, unconditional love, determination, and most of all prayer.