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What Causes Autism?

What causes Autism? There are many theories of what causes Autism and the possible increase of children that develop this disability. This is my feelings of these findings.

Is Autism Genetic-Can autism be inherited from a parent? It is believed that it is possible that Autism tends to run in families. I was told that my father was mentally ill from WWII. While that is quite possible, he was not a very social person, was an amazing artist, and experimented with solar energy way before it ever became popular.

Environmental Factors In Autism-Due to chemicals, medications, lead, pesticides, and even shampoos and creams. I have seen so many children being diagnosed with Autism (I think the 2019 count is 1-58) this could be a possibility.

VaccinesMMR (measles-mumps-rubella) .This has been a very controversial topic. Both my children were vaccinated and only Landon has Autism.

Advanced age of either parent-Les and I were under 30 when we had Landon. Was I too old?

Pregnancy or birth complications-Possible-Landon was breech, I had placenta previa, and Landon was born with a heart murmur and an ear tag.

Dietary-I can see this as a possibility too. We consume more ingredients that was never heard of before. You will be surprised when you spend some time reading bottles, can good labels or boxed ingredients. Some parents found a gluten and casein-free diet lessens Autism symptoms. I haven’t tried this method due to the fact that these diets are extremely restrictive and hard to follow.

Certain geographical locations such as California, North Carolina, Texas and Utah. I can’t agree on that one because Landon was born in Florida and we didn’t find out he had Autism until we moved to Kentucky. We moved to North Carolina due to the services available for Autistic children.

According to the History of Vaccines-Whether the high rates of autism today are due to increased diagnosis and reporting, changing definitions of autism, or an actual increase in development of ASD is unknown.

How to prevent having a child with Autism. According to WebMD-While you can’t prevent having a child with an autistic disorder, you can increase your odds of having a healthy baby by doing these lifestyle changes: Live healthy, Have regular check-ups, eat well-balanced meals, and exercise. Make sure you have good prenatal care, and take all recommended vitamins and supplements.


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