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In the Kitchen with Landon

We’ve entered and explored a few rooms of topics. There is more information located on the web on Autism that is already covered. Put any topic or situation in the search engine and you will certainly find just about anything. Social Media is also perfect for discussing topics and solutions for your child. This is why I’m going to switch gears. We are going to focus on a particular room in the house for awhile-Landon’s Kitchen.

I recently have been requested to discuss Landon and his love for cooking and sharing our journey with The Parent to Parent Support Group in the High Country.

Landon started his cooking journey at the age of 18 years old. I thought that the best way to begin this idea is with using “boxed” meals such as Hamburger Helper. These one box recipes almost includes everything you need to make dinner time quick and easy. There are other “one box” ideas such as Success Rice, Idaho Mashed Potatoes, Bisquick, and Shake and Bake for chicken or pork.

When Landon started to feel comfortable he branched out to creating Tacos. Tacos are one of the easiest beginner meals anyone can make. With a few ingredients you can create a wonderful dinner for yourself, your friends or your family. There are all types of tacos to enjoy such as ground beef, sliced sirloin, pork, chicken, and fish.

Today, Landon menu plans once a week from one of his collection of cookbooks. He has learned to gather ingredients and what measuring utensils to use.

If you would like to learn more about Landon’s cooking adventures, visit him on Facebook.

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