About Landon

landonDedicated to our son, Landon, who has taught us that through determination and prayer anything is possible.

Hi my name is Landon Miller. I was diagnosed at the age of 2 with Autism.

Life was very difficult, I faced many challenges such as losing my speech and behavior issues, but with early intervention and external supports from Psychologists, Speech and Occupational Therapists; I have worked through many of these challenges.

My parents moved to North Carolina due to the TEACCH program.  In Fayetteville, my mom went through a TEACCH training class that introduced her to the Picture Exchange System (PECS). It was the result of this method that led me to communicating. We used Communication Boards and Visual Schedules boards  to get through the days. It took many years but I did learn how to communicate.  I still use various Chore Charts to remind me of my responsibilities.

My parents set many goals through the years so I can learn to function in the community. Through these goals, I learned to be respectful, courteous, life skills and ways to earn an income.

I follow various sports but my favorite sport is baseball. My favorite team is the Arizona Diamond Backs.

At a young age, math has been a strong point for me. I use those skills to create Excel spreadsheets of all the major league baseball teams.

Cooking has become a passion for me. I look forward to making a meal for my family once a week.

Finding employment has been difficult but with the help of Summit’s STEP Program, I was able to start  a micro-business folding napkins for local restaurants.  Another interest of mine has been learning how to create greeting cards which I sell at various consignment shops and at RevFive5 Fitness where I volunteer on a weekly basis as a Barista.

I am looking forward to when LIFE Village in Boone becomes a reality.  It will be a community where individuals with a disability can learn how to live independently while learning to work on life skills and have employment opportunities.



The creation of this site is to assist those with the daily struggles of having a disabled loved one.  I hope that you will find all the information that you wanted to know located in one place.

Venture with me into a journey from birth into the future where we will build a home brick by brick and turn it into a mansion.