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Exploring the Scary Room of Behaviors

My last blog I listed many types of behavior problems with Special Needs Individuals. Here is the list for reference:  Self Injurious/Self Harm, Social Issues, Repetitive Motions and Obsessions, Aggression, Noise Sensitivity, Melt Downs/Tantrums, Sensory Issues, Sleeping Issues, Physical Challenging Behavior (biting, spitting, hitting, hair pulling), Pica (eating or mouthing non-edible items), Destruction and smearing.… Continue reading Exploring the Scary Room of Behaviors

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Entering the Scary Room of Behaviors

Challenging Behavior Problems-This topic is not easy to understand or to correct. There is not one solution that will work for every individual since they are all unique. With being new to this-I know this is scary and it is scary. I'm not going to sugar coat it in any way.  It is hard to… Continue reading Entering the Scary Room of Behaviors