3 Visual Schedule Boards, Daily Routine Chore Charts, 90 Autism PECS, Visual Aid Communication Cards-ABA Therapy


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3 Visual Schedule Boards, Daily Routine Chore Charts with 90 Autism PECS Visual Aid Communication Cards-ABA Therapy

Daily Routine Visual Schedules are an important tool for children and adults with special needs to use throughout their day to give them a sense of what is expected of them.

A Daily Routine Chart provides structure, predictability, decreases behavior problems and also assists with unexpected changes.

3 Daily Visual Schedules measuring 6″ x 10″ and 90 Communication Cards measuring
1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ have been color printed on heavy card stock, and heat laminated.

Each Visual Schedule has been cut, corner rounded and includes hook coins.

90 Communication Cards come in 3 laminated sheets to be cut out.
Loop coins are provided to place on the back of each card.

These Visual Schedule Communication Cards grows with your child

Communication Cards Include:
Shoes on, eat breakfast, center, nap, watch movie, snack, sit on toilet (3), play catch, go outside, Doctor, grocery shop, play in room, car ride, hair cut, party, put on pajamas, park, lunch, get dressed (boy), go on walk, play outside, church, drink, read to, go home, take off clothes (boy), dinner, play, school, brush teeth, dance class, speech therapy, physical therapy, snack, occupational therapy, set table, shopping, computer, clean up, pool, wash hands (3), library, school trip, arts & crafts, wake up, gym class, get undressed (girl), bath, get dressed (girl), van/bus, school bus, dessert, college, friend’s house, go to bed, make bed, video game, dentist, work, shave, drawing, read, sweep, mop, laundry, wash dishes, play game, sit outside, medicine, wash face, floss, music class, wash hair, vacuum, crossword puzzle, movies, puzzle, riding, take a shower, hospital, homework, museum, mall, stores, coloring, and brush hair


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