Breakaway Lanyard, Keyring Activity with Autism PECS, Visual Aid Communication Cards


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Breakaway Lanyard Keyring Activity with Autism PECS Visual Aid Communication Cards for Non Verbal Children

Using a lanyard with Visual Communication Cards is easy for your child to wear and provides communication symbols that are always within reach.

Placing visuals you use regularly on a lanyard is a wonderful visual support for communication, managing behaviors, or to use as a visual reminder.

Having a portable lanyard behavior aid is so convenient and can be used where picture communication and requesting are necessary.

Keeping visual cards on hand and easily accessible are key for working with children who depend on visual cues. Lanyards are the perfect speech tool to keep Communication Pecs Cards handy.

Lanyard symbols are used as a visual aid and safety tool for special education classrooms, school field trips, or for use on vacations.

When you purchase a Break Away Safety Lanyard it includes 1 Personalized Name Badge in a protective water resistant sleeve and 8 approximately 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 ” Communication Visual Cue Cards. Each Communication Card is color printed on heavy card stock, heat laminated, and cut to fit on the Lanyard.

8 Visual Cue Cards include:
Life Skills Class, Speech Therapy, Assembly
Field Trip, Snack, Lunch, Sports, and Exercise


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