Communication School Book, Visual Schedules, Autism PECS, Visual Aid Communication Cards


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Communication School Book, Visual Schedules, Autism PECS Visual Aid Communication Cards

Communication Books are a reliable communication system for nonverbal children and adults.

This Visual Aid Communication Book is used for special needs children and adults to improve their communication skills.

Communication Book support the Picture Exchange System (PECS) and is a very effective visual tool.

Includes a Daily Routine Visual Schedule which is an important tool for children and adults with special needs to use throughout their day to give them a sense of what is expected of them.

A Daily Routine Chart provides structure, predictability, decreases behavior problems and also assists with unexpected changes.

Personalized Communication School Book and 60 Communication Cards are color printed on heavy card stock and heat laminated .

Coil Bound Communication Book is Fully Assembled, features 4 pages and includes hook coins.
*Cover page
*Communication board
*School schedule
*After school communication board

Includes 2 pages of Communication Cards that come in laminated sheets.
Loop coins are provided to place on the back of your Communication Cards

60 Communication Cards include:
Group time, breakfast, lunch, snack, yes, no, good day, bad day, excellent day, watch movie, art class, library, field trip, gym class, assembly, music class, dance class, speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, math class, history class, computer class, science class, English class, life skills class, sports, party, recess, nap, help please, don’t feel good, get on the bus, get off the bus, your turn, my turn, head ache, tooth ache, don’t bite yourself, don’t hit, tired, hot hurt foot, cold, stomach pain, bathroom, don’t bang head, I am wet, calm down, eye contact, I’m thirsty, no kicking, I need a break, wash hands, time to take medicine, dizzy, hungry, I want to go home, play game, ear ache


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