Keyring Activity Communication Wallet, 15 Autism PECS, Visual Aid Communication Cards


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Keyring Activity Communication Wallet with 15 Autism PECS Visual Aid Communication Cards

Communicate with speech impaired or non verbal children using a picture wallet.
Wallet communication cards are extremely versatile, make great visual aids, and can also be used as a safety tool.

Place Visual Communication cards you regularly use in this Communication Wallet.
Having a Communication Wallet makes the perfect speech tool. Wallet is easy for your child to carry and to always have communication symbols within reach.

Portable, communication wallet is very convenient and can be used where picture communication and requesting are essential.

Communication Wallet attaches easily to a book bag, belt loop or handbag.

Use this wonderful visual support for communication, schedules, managing behaviors, visual reminders and choice making.

Communication Wallet fits between 20 to 24 PECS and measures approximately 3 1/2″ x 4″.
Communication Wallet can hold up to 2 1/2 x 3 1/4 ” pictures in clear 1-up plastic pockets with a black mesh background. It is book style bound and accented by brass corners with an elegant sewn leatherette cover. Pages are acid free, archival, and photo safe.

Wallet comes included with a keyring and a stainless steel swivel clasp.
Very easy to include, remove or rearrange Communication Cards
(Wallet Colors Will Vary)

Includes 15 Communication PECS Cards that are designed for adults.
These Visual Cue Cards measure approximately 2″ x 2″

Communication Cards are: Go to work, Group home, Break time, Choose, Bathroom, I, Want, Finished, Please, Hungry, Thank you, Drink, Help Please, College, and Ride Van/Bus


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